Trademark Registration in Mumbai

All you know about Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique and characteristic brand representation tool that is displayed on products manufactured by a company that upon a glance indicates to the consumers that a certain product has been produced by this company. It can be displayed in the form of a slogan, a logo, a sign, a graphic, a particular color or word; or a combination of these- the best examples of the combination being Coca-Cola and BMW who have embedded their logo within the brand name.

It is necessary to have a trademark those sympathies with your brand value and the product that you’re trying to sell. If you wish to make your brand a household name, the best way to go about it is get a trademark for it- in whatever way that complies best with the advertised product.

When we say unique it also means that you need to get your trademark registered as soon as possible because it cannot be predicted as to when exactly someone else is going to have the same idea and get it registered before you do.

Trademark can be used by an entity with its brand once the application is submitted. However once the application is through, it went through the process of advertisement/publication in the journal. Upon no objections raised in all the stages of approval, the entity can start using ®Registered with its brand/logo.



  • Soft copy of Trademark/Logo (image or shape)
  • Applicant ID & Address Proof
  • Attorney Authority Letter
  • Description of the goods/services
  • Trademark Class