Public Limited Company


A Public limited company gives limited liability to its owners and management. A public Limited company allows to issue shares to investors. This is beneficial in raising large capital for company. Public Limited Company requires minimum three Directors for incorporating a Public Limited Company, it has more stringent regulatory requirements in comparison to a Private Limited Company.

Public Limited Companies requires minimum seven members and there is no limit on the maximum number of members. A public limited company has most of the features of a private limited company. In addition to advantages enjoyed by Private Ltd Company, A Public Limited Company has the ability to have any number of members, easy transfer of shares and more transparency.

For incorporation of Public Limited Company 3 DINs and 7 DSC for three directors and 4 Shareholders is required. Only Public Listed companies are allowed to list on stock exchange. Public Limited Company Registration can be done through OnlineEfiling in India, Mumbai & All Cities

To Register Public Limited Company


There are various rules and regulations prescribed under the companies act, 2013 for the formation of a public limited company.  Here is what you should keep in mind when registering a public limited company:

  • Minimum 7 shareholders are required to form a public limited company
  • Minimum of 3 directors is required to form a public limited company
  • The minimum share capital of Rs. 5 lakhs is required
  • Digital signature certificate (DSC) of one of the directors is needed while submitting self-attested copies of identity and address proof
  • Directors of the proposed company will need a DIN
  • An application is required to be made for the selection of the name of the company
  • An application comprising the main object clause of the company is to be made. This object clause will define what a company will pursue after its incorporation
  • Submission of the application to ROC along with the required documents like MOAAOA, duly filled Form DIR – 12, Form INC – 7 and Form INC – 22 is needed
  • Payment of the prescribed registration fees to the ROC is required
  • After obtaining an approval from the ROC, the company should apply for the ‘certificate of business commencement.

Document Required For Registration

  1. Proof of identity of all the shareholders and directors
  2. Proof of address of all the directors and the shareholders
  3. PAN number of all the shareholders and directors
  4. Utility Bill of the proposed office i.e. proposed registered office for the company
  5. A NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord where the office of the company will be situated
  6. Director Identification Number (DIN) of all the directors
  7. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of the directors
  8. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  9. Articles of association (AOA)